Герб РБ Герб

Address: Chericov, Mogilev region 213530, Boldina Street, 31


Receiving room: 8 (02243) 31741

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There are five major manufactures in the region. Cherikov Tinned Fruit and Vegetable Factory and Cherikov Raipo account for 50% of the regional industrial output and 80% of the consumer goods production.

Agriculture is the leading economic branch of the Cherikov region. The major agricultural specializations are meat and milk cattle breeding, grain and fodder production.

Agricultural lands occupy 26,800 hectares, of them 20,000 hectares are arable lands.

There are seven agricultural companies, of them four are agricultural cooperatives, two unitary republican agricultural companies, Cherikovraiagropromtekhsnab. There are also eight farms with 1,151 hectares of plough land.

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